LEGO STORE .The ground floor of the exhibition is home to the largest LEGO specialty store in Australia. From traditional box sets, to lamps, ...


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            The Story of LEGO
50 Anniversary of the birth of Lego, one of the most famous houses in the world of toys. Lego has been able to excite and grow with your ideas, millions of children, has been able to stimulate their imagination through the use of its beautiful brick building, with or without instructions inviting them to create fantastic worlds Theme.Active Sales and shipments to Italy, all the toys have indicated the prices and shipping charges.
By entering this website you can choose any Lego Lego model you want, through the choice of the Age of the child, Lego Themes or categories of toys.
The choice for Age, for example directs you to a page that lists toys precisely divided by age of the child, such as toys appropriate for ages 2 to 5 years, 3 to 4 years, 5 to 6 years , 7 to 8 years, 9 to 11 years, and + 12 years. Entering an age of choice inside you will find all the Lego models suitable for that age.   

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