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The History of LEGO

The History of LEGO
In 1916, Ole Kirk Christiansen was a carpenter that created homes and furniture for native farmers. sadly in 1924, the workshop burned down owing to a hearth caused by Christiansen's 2 young children. Taking this as a chance to raised his business, Christiansen rebuilt the workshop during a larger and a lot of productive place. throughout the good Depression, he created stepladders and ironing boards, that soon gave him the inspiration to start creating toys. a number of Christiansen's early toys included cars, trucks and picket pull toys.
In 1934, the word LEGO was coined from the words leg godt, that means 'play well'. it had been then that Christiansen began manufacturing the little, interlocking bricks, similar as we all know them these days. These were named Automatic Binding Bricks and were primarily based off of samples of interlocking bricks from another toy company.
Although an artless plan, Automatic Binding Bricks weren't favoured by youngsters, and were typically came back owing to their lack to remain connected along.
In 1947, the factory then purchased a plastic moulding machine to target creating plastic toys. At now in time, picket toys were a lot of widely made, putting Christiansen one step before his competition. within the early 1950's, Christiansen's son, Godtfred Kirk Christiansen, became the Junior vice chairman of the factory. His robust dedication helped to create plastic toys even a lot of successful and fashionable. In fact, by 1951, plastic toys were half the requested orders, creating picket toys second.
It was then in 1958 that the fashionable day LEGO style was created. Hollow tubes were created to travel beneath the bricks, making the LEGO toys to interlock with each other and keep place. LEGO toys were quickly a lot of favoured as they were a lot of stable to create with. As these positive changes were created, Ole Kirk Christiansen died, leaving his son to be the pinnacle of the factory. Shortly once, the initial picket toy warehouse was destroyed during a hearth, leaving the factory to focus solely on the assembly of plastic toys.
In 1963, ABS plastic was added to the LEGO toys in place of cellulose acetate. ABS plastic created the toys stronger and hung on to the made colors that the toys are therefore typically known for. These new LEGO toys were created safer additionally as a result of ABS plastic is non-toxic.
In 1967, DUPLO was introduced to the market, that are larger version of LEGO toys created for youngsters five and beneath. Lego has continued to grow to be an empire, well-known and loved across the globe. The introduction of Legoland Parks have reached across the globe additionally, giving folks of all ages the chance to create and make no matter their imagination permits them to.

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