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Lego Star Wars Sets Episodes 1 to 3

The Phantom Menace Lego Sets
Lego based their Phantom Menace sets on the Episode One movie. This film dives into the origins of Luke Skywalker's heritage and the characters and tales of that era. The Mos Espa Podrace is a big and very fascinating Star Wars set from Lego. This big set has a whole ten Lego minifigures including Lukes future parents Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala. This set is now discontinued and because of that it is extremely highly valued by collectors and is worth far more than the normal retail price it once sold for. It is considered one of THE most wanted set for Star Wars Lego collectors.
Attack Of The Clones Lego Sets
The Attack of the Clones was the second of the prequel movies. The Lego Group didn't make very many sets for this film when compared to the amount of sets made for the other movies however these sets don't disappoint. It could be argued that each of the Lego Star Wars sets made for this film is a must have for collectors. Especially, the Star Wars Ep2 Attack of the Clones set that has the rare Slave 1 - Jango Fetts ship. As it has been out of production for so long it's a real favorite of Star Wars collectors and really highly sort after. Jango Fett, one of the rarest minifigures is included in this set. The Jango Fett's Slave I Lego Set is the only Lego set to include the Jango Fett lego mini figure.
Revenge Of The Sith Lego Sets
The Revenge of the Sith film is the third in the installment of the prequel movies. There have been quite a lot of Lego sets made for this film, lots of them fairly good too. One set that was really great was the Darth Vader Transformation Lego set - very worthwhile buying. The set is pretty small but really playable and kind of cool to have. The two minifigures in this small set are Anakin Skywalker after his final battle and Darth Vader with no cape. This set plays as Anakin after his huge battle being tranformed into the Empire.
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