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Lego Death Star - Building the Doomsday Machine One Brick At A Time

In the Star Wars stories, the most malevolent element of the plot is the Death Star, the planet-destroying artificial moon that Emperor Palpatine was constructing in orbit around the moon of the planet Endor. It was the ultimate doomsday weapon. Destroying it was the only chance Luke and his friends had to save the Alliance from certain destruction - if they were faced with an enemy that could destroy entire planets, they would have no chance at all.
Making maximum use of the flexibility of their basic product, and the very active imaginations of their design staff, Lego has created their own version of this mighty weapon, the Lego Death Star, which brings the Star Wars Saga into the reach of kids (of all ages) everywhere. This fantastic set, with over 3,800 pieces - many of them specially designed for this set - creates the Death Star in great detail, presenting lots of opportunities to stage different action sequences from the Star Wars films.
The completed model is 16 inches tall, and 16-1/2 inches in diameter. This set, Lego 10188, consists of three decks, each of which has a number of different sections with a variety of functional purposes. One of the most recognizable is the Trash Compactor, where Luke, Leia, and Han nearly met their untimely ends. The compactor in the Lego Death Star has walls that can be rotated to close the chamber, crushing the trash - and any unfortunate individuals who happen to be in there at the time! Another really great aspect of this part of the model is the fact that the set includes the Dianoga monster that inhabits the compactor - and almost killed Luke.
Another great feature of this set is the Super Laser weapon. This doomsday planet-destroying weapon is featured with green laser beams that travel out from the edges of the dish and converge in the center to amplify the central beam. The weapon can rotate, and change the angle at which it is aimed. These are just a few of the many moving parts in this intricate model. Among the other weapons in this model are lasers and cannons that are found in the compartment near the Trash Compactor. These weapons can also be moved for aiming at different targets.
Other really spectacular details in this Lego Death Star construction model are found in areas like the TIE Fighter bay, where Darth Vader's TIE Fighter (which is included!) can land. Many of the stations in the Death Star have various types of weapons consoles that can be manned by the Storm Troopers and other Imperial mini-figures that are included with the set. Overall, there are 24 different character mini-figures included in this Death Star model.
The top deck of the Lego Death Star has sleeping quarters for the Imperial Storm Troopers, which are furnished with typical residential furniture. Also on that deck is a chamber with two double laser cannons, and another room which can be a conference room, with seven rotating chairs and a large table. This is typical of the level of detail that this set contains, which makes it a marvelous platform for staging various Star Wars scenarios.
This set, Lego 10188, is actually the second version of the Death Star that Lego has produced. The first version, Lego 10143, was released in 2005. In contrast to the new set, which is rich in detail and has lots of prop pieces that can be used to recreate various scenes, this first version seems to have been intended to be mostly a static display model - although a highly detailed one! The set, when completed, stands 25 inches high, and is 19 inches wide. It recreates the Imperial Death Star in its partially constructed state. There is even a scale-model Imperial Star Destroyer in orbit around the Death Star.
This Lego Death Star set is certain to be a hot item this year, particularly around Christmas time! If you want one for someone on your gift list - or if you want it for yourself - it would be wise to act quickly, before you find out that it is temporarily (or permanently!) no longer available. Check the links in the resource box to get the latest information on best prices, and availability.
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