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The Star Wars Movies Will Come to Life in Your Living Room With the Star Wars Lego Sets!

When I was a kid Lego toys were nothing but some building block toys that were a little better than similar toys like the Lincoln logs, but nowhere near as cool as the video game consoles that were starting to become available like the Atari 2600! However, this has now changed and Lego, are the most popular and famous toys all over the world!
In the late nineties Lego saw their profits plummet so they decided that they needed to do something to get the public's attention again They thought that the best way to achieve that would be to team up with one of the most popular and beloved franchises in cinematic history: Star Wars! This is how the Star Wars Lego Sets were born!
Star Wars is by far the most successful and popular movie franchise of all time so Lego's decision to make toys based on it was really smart and it really paid off! Star Wars Lego Sets are now much more than just toys or collections of Lego bricks, they have become valuable collector's items!
Practically every major event, character and spaceship from the movies has been recreated in Lego form in the Star Wars Lego sets! One of the most popular sets for example is the extremely movie accurate Millennium Falcon Lego! Then there's the Imperial Cruiser set, the gigantic Death Star Set and of course a model based one the most iconic star-fighter ever created, the legendary X-Wing fighter!
The attention to detail and craftsmanship on the Star Wars Lego sets is awesome and like all Lego toys, building them is extremely fun! They'd also be a great father and son project!
Star Wars Lego Sets are the most popular Lego playsets ever released and they dominate the best selling toy charts every year! On our site you will all the information and the best prices for the coolest sets including the most popular one, the Lego Millennium Falcon Set!

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Why Lego Toys Lead the Market

Toys that involve building an object always stay one step ahead of the ready-made ones. As you would've guessed this is because they provide education as well as fun for the children whereas ready-made toys focus only on the fun part. This is why Lego toys have survived in the industry for so long and still continues to be a leader. As the Danish name Lego indicates, the motto of the Lego group has always been to make a child "play well".
From the company that Ole Kirk Kristiansen established in 1932, Lego group has travelled a long way ahead to become a global enterprise and the world's fifth largest manufacturer of children's toys. Lego survives on the strength of its quality, durability and simplicity. Built for children of all the ages, Lego toys stand the test of time, often becoming useful for the second and third child in the family.
Lego helps children not just to have fun but also to develop their imagination, creativity and skill for problem solving. Of course, a lot many brands today do that but none of them has the superior quality that Lego provides. Millions of homes can claim at least one Lego Toy and even more families remember fondly the Lego toys that they either played with or brought for their children to play with.
Another factor that has helped Lego stand apart is the way it has kept itself updated with times. Any new story that has caught the fancy of children would immediately find its versions in the Lego factories. Today, you'll find the Lego avatars of Harry Potter, Prince of Persia, Star Wars, Toy Story, Indiana Jones, Sponge Bob, and a lot more.
That is not all. For older children, Lego has also come up with building tools to develop the knowledge and skills in mechanics, architecture and power functions. Lego does not come cheap but it can surely be a one-time investment due to its durability. Lego toys are now available on their website from which you can easily make your purchase.
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Lego Kingdoms - Medieval Lego for a New Generation

Lego Kingdoms is a new range of medieval-themed Lego sets released in 2010. It follows on from the top-selling Lego Castles sets and similarly revolves around knights, castles, battles and princesses.
The story goes that the good King has reigned justly and fairly, but now he is faced with a threat in the form of the evil Dragon Knights, who have designs on his kingdom. He must defend it at all costs!
As you can gather, there are good guys and bad guys - the former boast several fortifications, in particular the biggest set in the Lego Kingdoms range and the heftiest but most worthwhile investment, the King's Castle, which comprises no less than 933 pieces - enough to keep the kids busy until next Christmas!
The Dragon Knights, the bad guys, mostly have offensive capabilities, with siege equipment including a catapult that actually flings Lego bricks against the King's strongholds (or into Dad's cup of coffee)!
Castles, kings, kingdoms and princesses - these are evergreen Lego themes for a new generation and it is hard to go wrong with this range.
Here are some of the key sets in this series:
Lego Kingdoms King's Castle
The valiant King has to defend his castle against a marauding enemy. As mentioned earlier, the castle is the major set in the Kingdoms range, at 933 pieces, and if you are going to buy one set for your children, this would be the one. It will keep them going until they go off to college!
Lego Kingdoms Prison Tower Rescue
The King's Knight on his white horse is tasked with rescuing the Princess from the clutches of the Dragon Knights in their Prison Tower Stronghold (currently the only 'bad guy' fortification), avoiding a cauldron of boiling oil and a catapult as he does so.
Lego Kingdoms Advent Calendar
The Advent Calendar counts down the 24 days of December before Christmas (for any year) and offers a different Lego build every day to keep the children busy during the holidays.
There are also several other smaller sets offering other scenarios and pieces, including a horse and carriage and a court jester, as well as numerous other minifigures.
This range might not be an absolute classic from Lego. There have been some criticisms that this range is not a great advancement over its predecessor, the Castles range, but is seems unlikely that Lego would reinvent the wheel when they have a successful formula, and no doubt Lego Kingdoms will be snapped up by a new generation of Lego fans and become a fondly remembered part of their childhood.
Planning to buy and want more information on the Lego Kingdoms range? Visit the author's site, where you can also read more about specific sets in the range, such as the Lego Kingdoms Castle.

Lego Is Timeless! Top Lego Christmas Toys for 2010

Lego, one of the oldest toys of all, never disappoints when the Christmas season comes around - they're always on the tops of the lists of hottest Christmas toys, and for a reason. Lego has something for everyone - young and old, boys and girls, movie lovers and just kids who enjoy building. So, here are the top Lego toys for 2010:
This year, Toy Story Lego sets are definitely going to fly off the shelves of every store around and the top choices are going to be the Woody and Buzz Rescue Set and Woody's Roundup, both for under £35. The Toy Story Lego sets both feature characters from the hit movie, such as Woody, Buzz, and buildable vehicles. Both sets are perfect gifts for the Toy Story fans in your family.
Another great Lego Christmas gift are the Star Wars Lego sets that are hitting stores, and the top sellers are going to be Plo Koon's Jedi Starfighter and Luke's Landspeeder, both for around £25. The Jedi Starfighter set comes with 2 minifigures - the Jedi Master Plo Koon and the R7-D4 Astromech Droid. Players can eject minifigures from the cockpit ejection seat in the Starfighter! Luke's Landspeeder set is just as exciting and allows young Star Wars fans to recreate the moment Luke's adventure began. These sets are great for children ages 7 and up.
If your child loves Lego, but isn't a huge fan of Toy Story or Star Wars, don't worry - you can still get them the hottest Christmas toys from Lego. For Harry Potter fans, there is the Hogwarts Lego set and for kids who just like to build, there is the exciting Lego Advent Calendar! Each window contains a build for 1st December right up until Christmas Eve and costs about £24.
No matter which Lego set you choose, you can rest easily knowing that they're all going to be some of the hottest Christmas toys of the year. Lego has been exciting and inspiring kids for years, and that trend is sure to continue!
To see more top toys for Christmas 2010, visit our site where you will find plenty of reviews of popular gifts for the year including Lego Christmas toys as well as special offers and discounts for popular retailers. Visit us today at Hottest Christmas Toys!

Cheap Legos Does Not Equal Cheap Gifts

Buying good, educational toys for your kids and grandkids doesn't have to break the bank. Look online for deals in cheap Legos and other house building games like it. It doesn't matter if you are buying for boys or girls, all kids love Legos. If you get the simple sets of toy bricks, the kids can spend hours creating houses and towns and filling them with Lego people.
They do make pink Legos, if you wanted to get something decidedly girly as a gift. Some of the girl-branded Legos feature horses and fashion. But Legos for girls doesn't have to mean the color pink and horses. You can get your little girl a pirate themed Lego set and watch her have fun playing the pirate queen. Or take one of the standard Castle Lego sets and the "rescued" princess becomes the rescuer!
House building games appeal to both boys and girls. You can help the younger ones with their play. Help them build a house and add a fence and then create a story! You can do all of that with used Legos. You don't need brand new bricks for play. There are bags of toy bricks for sale online. You can buy small sets of used accessories and buy a new set of, say, Hagrid's Hut, as the main present. That lets the child have a new present to open and enjoy, and the supplemental batch of toy brick is ready at hand.
The story lines that Legos, in particular, presents are great. Your child can spend hours living the adventures of Luke Skywalker or the rescue squad, or SpongeBob. This means that you, as the adult, can join in the play, but you don't have to. The Legos come preloaded, if you will, for hours of play. Later, when he or she is tired of reenacting the stories from the movies or shows, you can help them create new stories and adventures for their toys.
Depending on your child's inclination, maybe the stories are secondary to the excitement of creating new things. Legos, or any of the toy brick lines, can be made into thousands and thousands of items. From ray guns to bridges to skyscrapers, there is no limit.
The interchangeable bricks are what make the Lego brand and other similar companies so popular. Take your old pirate Legos and add them to the new Hogwarts set you just bought and you have a whole new story for Harry Potter to star in! There is something so satisfying about the snap as one toy brick locks with another and knowing that bricks from 20 years ago will work with the set you just bought. Of course your Legos will not work very well with Mega Bloks or PlayMobile, but if you stay within the same toy brick line, you will be fine.
Introduce your child to a new world - a world limited only by how many Legos you have! Help them harness the creative powers within them to make stories and structures that will yield months and months of play.
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