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Lego Is Timeless! Top Lego Christmas Toys for 2010

Lego, one of the oldest toys of all, never disappoints when the Christmas season comes around - they're always on the tops of the lists of hottest Christmas toys, and for a reason. Lego has something for everyone - young and old, boys and girls, movie lovers and just kids who enjoy building. So, here are the top Lego toys for 2010:
This year, Toy Story Lego sets are definitely going to fly off the shelves of every store around and the top choices are going to be the Woody and Buzz Rescue Set and Woody's Roundup, both for under £35. The Toy Story Lego sets both feature characters from the hit movie, such as Woody, Buzz, and buildable vehicles. Both sets are perfect gifts for the Toy Story fans in your family.
Another great Lego Christmas gift are the Star Wars Lego sets that are hitting stores, and the top sellers are going to be Plo Koon's Jedi Starfighter and Luke's Landspeeder, both for around £25. The Jedi Starfighter set comes with 2 minifigures - the Jedi Master Plo Koon and the R7-D4 Astromech Droid. Players can eject minifigures from the cockpit ejection seat in the Starfighter! Luke's Landspeeder set is just as exciting and allows young Star Wars fans to recreate the moment Luke's adventure began. These sets are great for children ages 7 and up.
If your child loves Lego, but isn't a huge fan of Toy Story or Star Wars, don't worry - you can still get them the hottest Christmas toys from Lego. For Harry Potter fans, there is the Hogwarts Lego set and for kids who just like to build, there is the exciting Lego Advent Calendar! Each window contains a build for 1st December right up until Christmas Eve and costs about £24.
No matter which Lego set you choose, you can rest easily knowing that they're all going to be some of the hottest Christmas toys of the year. Lego has been exciting and inspiring kids for years, and that trend is sure to continue!
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