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20 Years on and Lego is Still a Great Kids Toy

When I was a kid there was nothing better than playing with Lego. It was my toy of choice. I could spend hours playing with the stuff day after day. While other children would watch television or play in the street I used to play Lego. Here we are 20 years on and yet Lego is still here and what is more it is still popular with the youngsters of today. It has evolved and adapted slightly over the years but amazingly it is still here.
Now back in my day there were like today packs of Lego around a theme. Generally there were only a few types of Lego. There was Lego Technic which was a little more advanced. I however used to enjoy the other types. From what I remember there was Police, Fire and Castle Lego themes. This is one place where there has been great change over the years to help the Lego brand survive. In fact at last count there was no fewer than 33 different themes of Lego.
While Lego used to come in packs such as a police station they could also be broken up and combined with every other pack you have. This was what I really enjoyed as it was time for my imagination to take over. This is how I managed to spend so long playing with it. Playing with Lego was my chance to disappear into my own little play world and not come back for hours. I had a huge plastic box full of the stuff. Looking back it must have cost a fortune and certainly took years to build up from my very first box.
Today there is a much clearer set of themes which are based around well known things such as films. There is for example Toy Story Lego, Indiana Jones Lego, Sponge Bob Lego and even Harry Potter Lego. What amazes me though is that despite all these Lego themes based around modern films there is still my overall favourite. That of course is Lego Castle. This was my favourite and is still part of a great childhood memory when I was given a huge Lego Castle for my birthday. It came with soldiers and everything. That is a happy memory I will have for life.
In a world where children sit in front of computers and play stations for stupid amounts of time with little though and definitely no imagination it is pleasing that Lego has survive and I hope that the creation of new modern themes helps to keep it going. It is not only fun but it is healthy for a kid to use and expand their imaginations.
So 20 years on and Lego has survived. It is still a great gift for kids. It is a toy that will bring hours of imaginative fun to a kids childhood which is something many of today's toys cannot offer. While the price can be high the possibilities are endless making it great value for money. It really is a must have and lasting toy. History has proven that.
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