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2011 Hot Christmas Toys - Must Have-Lego Ultimate Building Set

The LEGO Ultimate Building Set - 405 Pieces (6166) is the absolute perfect Lego building set for anyone who is just starting out. We all know and love Legos - they are consistently considered among the best toys that have ever been produced. Not only are they fun enough to entertain your child for hours on end, but they are also incredibly educational and help develop mechanical and coordination skills. There are very few toys that can help build your child's imagination like a Lego building set.
The Lego Ultimate Building Set is a starter kit which contains 405 pieces. It is the perfect Lego starter set for a number of reasons. If your child has played with Duplos (Legos for younger children), then this is the perfect building set to graduate to normal Legos. Even if your child never played with Duplos, this set still includes all of the main Lego pieces that they will need to start building and having fun right away.
This Lego starter set includes one mini figure - you know, the characters with the little round yellow heads - a small building plate, wheels, helicopter blades, windows and doors. It will allow your child to make a wide variety of different models all on their own. They can use their imagination to build a number of different settings, all the while fitting the Lego pieces together to help build their mind.
The best part about the Ultimate Lego Building Set is that the Lego pieces included are general enough that they will always be usable. Even if your child goes on to use more and more Lego sets, the pieces in this Lego starter set will easily integrate. So, if they grow up and fall in love with Lego Star Wars sets, the pieces included in this Lego 6166 set can be used with all of their Lego Star Wars kits as well. In this way, this set works as a great introduction to the Lego world. It is truly a toy that your child will never out grow. In fact, many parents of children that love Legos have become a Lego creator themselves. This gives you a unique opportunity to play with your child using a toy that both of you will enjoy.
It doesn't matter if your child is a boy or girl, four years old or twelve years old, they will love becoming a Lego creator with the LEGO Ultimate Building Set - 405 Pieces (6166). Think about the first set of Legos that you got when your child. Think about all of the fun that you had using your imagination to build a limitless number of creations. Introducing your child to the Ultimate Lego Building Set is a great way to bring them into the Lego world. Once they start building with their first Lego pieces, they will be hooked - and will have fun for hours on end.
Lego Ultimate Building Set is topping the list of 2011 hot Christmas toys this year. Looking for something a little more advanced? Check out Legos Queen Annes Revenge

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