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The 3 Lego Best Buys of the Year

The LEGO brand has been around for generations and is adored by children and adults alike. In recent years LEGO has taken a few of its most popular building sets and transitioned them to the video gaming industry, opening the doors to even more adoring fans and customers.
Once just plain blocks for young children to build with, LEGOs have become an extension of favorite movies as well. Those that become fans of these movies, and are also fans of building blocks, can now bring the movie to life in their own living room, imagining new beginnings or different endings. Likewise, their video games give more interaction with the ability to discover new worlds. There is no limit to a child's imagination and LEGO has just gotten the tip of the iceberg with their building sets and video games. This article will serve as a brief summary of the three LEGO best buys of the year and where to get the best deals on them as well.
  • Star Wars Lego-You don't have to be a child to enjoy the Star Wars realm. The makers of these building sets provide ships, weapons, and scenery-with mini figures-to re-enact or re-tell the Star Wars stories. This has led to more than one video game being released, and available on most game consoles.
  • Harry Potter Lego-Over the last few years, Harry Potter has become a phenomenon that still boggles the mind of many. Regardless, children love the world of fantasy and can build their own Hogwarts and fight off the spells without ever leaving home. Again, the popularity of the Harry Potter movies has led to video games that take imagination to interaction levels.
  • Indiana Jones Lego-Probably one of the older themes, this movie series is all about action, mystery and discovery. With that being said, no doubt was this a great idea for building sets and video games alike. The sets include chases on motorcycles, airplanes, boats, etc. in remote locations around the world.
These three LEGO product lines are not only for avid movie fans and memorabilia collectors, but provide a wide variety for types of play. From imaginative play to interactive gaming, LEGO has given everyone-regardless of age-the opportunity to take part in the realms of science fiction, adventure, fantasy and of course, play the part of a super-hero. Keep in mind that these three character-themed sets are just a small percentage of the wide variety available from LEGO. Not just for the young, but also for the young at heart, LEGO has created a series of products at reasonable prices for everyone.
JA Marino is a mom of 5 and an avid toy fan. This article was inspired by her own kids' love of everything LEGO and the vast selection, variety of products out there and the variance in product prices. Her blog Buy Lego Products on Sale was created to help others find the best deals on the products they want to purchase.

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