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Ahoy There Matey - Lego Pirates Toy Building Sets History

Lego Pirate themed sets were first released for sale in 1989. The Lego pirate sets included the first mini figures without a very realistic looking head that only had 2 dots for eyes and a drawn smile. The faces of these minfig pirates did vary from the ones that had painted eye patches and drawn beards and hair. Along with the Lego pirate sets, Imperial Soldiers with blue coats were also released to pursue the plundering pirates (1989 - 1991). These toy soldiers had a definite European look about them. A Lego comic book, The Pirates, and titled "The Gold Medallion" was debuted in 1989 as well. The blue-coated Imperial Soldiers were replaced in 1992 by Imperial Guards, which were on duty through 1995. During this period Lego Pirate sets took on a definite Spanish feel. During 1996 and 1997 the Spanish Armada was on the scene, patrolling the pirate-controlled seas.
1997 saw the last few Lego Pirate toy sets being released. This came as a surprise to the many fans of the famous Legos pirates and their surrounding sets. These beloved sets had become one of the company's best selling product lines. A few pirate sets have since been re-released and the pirate theme can be found in a few Lego Duplo sets as well. Captain Redbeard, also known as Captain Roger, was one of the characters in a Lego pirate set released in 1989, and he quickly became one of Lego's most popular pirates. He and his first mate, Rummy, could often be found on a ship in the open seas doing what pirates do best. Robbing and pillaging!
There has recently been some very good news for Lego pirate enthusiasts. The company is coming out with more brand new pirate sets in their 2009 releases, which can already be found at some online stores. Lego's timing is on the mark to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first pirate sets from 1989. The new Lego Soldier's Fort set and Brickbeard's Bounty set are but a couple of these new releases. Welcome back! In 1990 Ladybird books, based on the Lego pirate theme were published. There are 4 books in all. Adventure on Shark Island, Captain Roger's Birthday, Will and the Gold Chase, and The Royal Visit. These entertaining books were based on the crew of the Dark Shark and their sea going adventures and clashes with the Broadside Imperial Guards. The stories created a lasting identity for the characters and as a result, expanded the universe of the Lego pirate themed sets. Captain Foul, who was in command of the pirate ship "The Barracuda", was introduced as one of the main characters in the books. Captain Foul, however, never made it to any of the Pirate sets created by the Lego company.
For a lot of adults, especially those who enjoyed the first releases of the pirate, adventure themed, Lego sets, the toys are not just mere toys. They are more like childhood souvenirs that they have spent many hours with and can still be enjoyed, eventually handing them down to their own children. Lego toy brick sets, being durable enough to last at least two or more generations, could easily become family treasures handed down from generation to generation! Educational, entertaining and long lasting are just some of the attributes that people love about Lego.
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