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Are Star Wars LEGOs Only for Boys?

With the recent release of the LEGO "Friends" theme sets, it has people wondering if LEGO has turned to a gender oriented, future. This seems to contradict the original ideas the LEGO Group had when building the LEGO Company. The new LEGO "Friends" theme has tried to pick-up on the other 50% of the market by creating LEGO's for girls. So does this mean that Star Wars LEGO's, Pirates of the Caribbean LEGO's and Harry Potter LEGO's are only for boys?
First let's look the differences between boys and girls how we are created different. Even though we want to be as should be treated as equals, there are physical and mental differences. Boys in general are more geared for the physical attributes of the human being. Boys the physically the more dominant, and tend to build and play things in such a fashion. Girls on the other hand tend to lean toward the more social, soft romantic, more sensitive approach in their game time and playing. So is it right for LEGO to create something gender oriented towards girls. I would like to commend LEGO for their efforts. In today society we are leaning towards everyone being equal. However none of us are equal that is what makes us special in every aspect of being human. We each have our individual attributes. Yes, the one the major difference is male opposed to female.
'Mattel' for many years made girl gender toys, with their "Barbie" line. No one mentioned anything of gender until they introduced a "Ken" into the Barbie line. I still do not see many boys playing with "Ken" doll nor parents buying just "Ken" doll for their boys to play with. "Mattel had to expand their line outside of Barbie to reach the boy gender, with such toys like Batman and Hot wheels, something more towards the boy's interests.
For many years LEGO has tried many aspects to attract the other 50% of the market, the female side. This latest attempt may just succeed. The "Friends" theme puts into character most the things girls are interested in. In the friend's theme there are fourteen major areas all focused around a place called Heartlake City. First there is the City Park Café, then Olivia's tree house, and others such as Stephanie's Cool Convertible, Butterfly Beauty Shop, Heartlake Vet, Olivia's House, Stephanie's Outdoor Bakery, Emma's Splash Pool, Andrea's Stage, Olivia's Inventors Workshop, Mia Puppy House, Stephanie's Pet Patrol, Emma's Studios Design, Heartlake Dog Show.
Although it is unlikely once built that noted sets will be un-assembled and made into something else, like most LEGO sets do, when boys play with them. There are always those tom boyish, or engineer oriented girl out there that have that desire to build and create something new, and may very well do so. LEGO has not tried to stop the imagination of girls, but just released sets geared more towards the major of girls interests.
So does that leave, all the other LEGO released, toys to mean only for Boys. No I do not believe this is LEGO's attempt at all. LEGO has always supported the development of building to be for both boys and girls. Although times are changing the majority of girls are still not construction orientated. Because of our own design and nature, this idea of creating and building just happen to fit in the boy gender side of nature rather than the girls.

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With new advancements in modeling capabilities it is now time for Lego to be able to create, Lego's more appealing to the female gender. However many young lady still like the adventures of being sweep away by Pirates, casting magic love spells, and having someone battle over them in a far-away Galaxy. So Star Wars Lego's are not just for boys but for everyone to enjoy.

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