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Find Legos at a Bargain on eBay

Each year I have a hard time deciding on birthday and Christmas gifts for my grandsons. This year they made it easy for me. I still have the Legos my son had as a child at my home. I had to break up a huge fight between my grandsons when there weren't enough Lego pieces to please each boy. That gave me the idea to buy Legos as presents. It was perfect timing as I needed to buy a birthday present within a couple of weeks.
When I headed out to go shopping at my local Wally World, I was appalled at the prices being asked for a set of Legos. They ranged right up to $35 for a simple 150 piece set. I certainly didn't remember running into those high prices when I was buying Legos 25 years ago. I had my heart set on a large number of Legos, so I turned to eBay looking for a deal. Boy oh boy, did I ever find it.
When I searched for Legos on eBay, I found a huge number of Lego sellers. Some were selling kits, others were selling a certain number of pieces, and then I found the jackpot, Legos sold by the pound. I found 3, 5, 6 and even 10 pounds lots of Legos for sale.
I was able to buy 6 pounds of Legos for $37. I don't know if you can envision it, but 6 pounds of Legos is a huge amount. I have no idea how many pieces 6 pounds amounted to, but it had to be at least a couple thousand. Compare that to the $35 set of 150 Legos at the store and I got an extremely good bargain.
I'm not sure any little boy needs 6 pounds of Legos at one time, even if it is their birthday. To make things fair, and avoid future arguments, I separated about one quarter of the Legos to give to the birthday boy's little brother. It was a respectable number of pieces. This worked very well. The youngest boy was happy to receive any Legos, and the older boy was even happier with his overwhelming number of Legos. They immediately sat down and started construction on separate projects.
The next time I decide to buy Legos for a child, I'm going to go straight to eBay to look for another deal. I will never pay retail price for another set of Legos. If you have need of a large number of Legos, or just can pass up a bargain, I recommend that you give eBay a try for finding them, too.
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