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Lego Battle of Endor Sets - Defeating The Empire at Last

In The Star Wars Saga, the Battle of Endor was one which had no reasonable likelihood of coming out in favor of anyone but the forces of the Dark Side. The Empire had a formidable array of weapons and machines that should have enabled them to smash any opposition - and yet, the Rebels and the Ewoks somehow managed to destroy the formidable forces arrayed against them, and ultimately destroy the Death Star. Lego has released two sets - The Lego Battle of Endor, and the Lego Ewok Attack, that allow Lego builders and Star Wars Fans to recreate this heroic struggle on their dining room table.
The Star Wars Saga, Episode VI, Return of the Jedi, concludes with the story of the ultimate battle that was waged by the Rebels and the Ewoks against the collective might of the Empire and the forces of the Dark Side. The battle takes place as the Emperor Palpatine is overseeing the completion of his ultimate weapon, the Death Star, which was being assembled in an orbit above the Forest Moon of Endor.
When the Rebels learned from their spies that Palpatine would be present on the partially completed Death Star, they began to plot a major attack. Their sources were able to confirm that the defense systems of the incomplete station were not yet online. The key to the battle was to knock out the Death Star's defense shield control bunker located on the moon's surface.
The Rebels and the Ewoks were able to accomplish this through a combination of luck and strategy, managing to overcome the far superior forces they were facing. The keys to winning the battle were capturing one of the AT-ST Walkers, and using it against the Storm Troopers, and a series of clever traps that the Ewoks had set up. As Han Solo piloted the AT-ST against the Storm Troopers, they advanced on the Bunker and Solo, pretending to be an Imperial Pilot, convinced the Imperial Forces that they were needed in the woods to pursue the "retreating" Ewoks. This allowed them to take control of the Bunker, and destroy it.
The Lego company has created two different sets that recreate the key element of this epic struggle. The larger of the two, the Lego Battle of Endor set (Lego 8038) creates the Bunker, an AT-ST Walker, an Ewok Catapult, and two Imperial Speeder Bikes. The smaller set, the Lego Ewok Attack (Lego 7956) recreates the Ewok's tree fortification, and another Speeder Bike.
The larger set, Battle of Endor, contains a total of 890 pieces. It included twelve mini-figures, including Han Solo, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, several Ewoks, two Scout Troopers, two Rebel Commandos, and an Imperial Trooper. The set contains a number of interesting mechanical features. The AT-ST Walker can actually be made to "walk" - it is not simply a static model. The Bunker opens up to provide access to the interior. The Blast Doors of the bunker open by turning a gearing system, and the bunker itself has an "explosion feature" that allows it to be damaged by an "explosion". Also included in the set's construction details is an Ewok Catapult, which can throw a "stone" as far as six feet!
The smaller set, Ewok Attack, has 166 pieces, and although smaller still has some really neat elements to it. It recreates the Ewoks' Tree hideout, which is assembled onto two different bases plates, which allows the tree to be opened to access the features inside. At the top of the tree is a mechanism which drops out "logs" to try to trip up the Walkers. There is also a catapult, and a flick-fire missile that can be launched from the interior of the tree.
When these two sets are combined, the lucky recipient can re-create all the essential elements of the Battle of Endor. They make a great gift for the Star Wars fan, as well as for the serious Lego builder. The sets are a good example of the increasing level of realism and detail that Lego is designing into their special purpose sets, and of the increased play value that results from those efforts. To learn more about these two sets, their features, and where to get the best prices, just follow the links in the resource box.
For more information on the Lego Battle of Endor and Lego Ewok Attack sets, including where to buy them and where to get the lowest prices, go to To find more great Lego Star Wars themed gifts for the true fan on your list, go to, where you can find lots of information on some of the best Star Wars Lego sets, including hard-to-find sets that are no longer in production (but in most cases, still available).

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