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LEGO Game Gift Ideas Offer Fun and Educational Value

My son and daughter are rabid Lego fans. And while I often pay list price for new LEGO sets because of the product quality and imaginative play that comes from them, I was less than ready to sign up for buying a whole range of LEGO Games, or I should say... LEGO Board Games.
I was skeptical because I really thought that a company as good as Lego couldn't possibly match the educational and fun play of LEGO sets. I was certainly wrong!
In fact, the LEGO Games we've purchased this year have been challenging, engaging and educational. And the best ones are just as fun to build as LEGO sets.
There are a lot of games we could have put on this list, but here are the best, most educational games we've tested this season.
LEGO Minotaurus Game 3841 - If you're looking for a way to The LEGO Minotaurs Game is at the top of our family's game night list. It's fun to build and a good way to introduce the younger one to defensive play.
LEGO Hogwarts Game Harry Potter 3682 - The LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts game helps kids look at another dimension of the stories they are reading. It's a great way to discuss the book and determine how well your kids are comprehending the story.
LEGO Creationary Game 3844 - Imagine a mix of Pictionary and LEGO. To get the most educational value out of this game, focus on the drawing and inspire some creativity in your children.
LEGO Monster 4 Game 3837 - The theme with LEGO Monster 4 is to line up your monsters in the graveyard. Admittedly, this might be a bit too much for kids that scare easily, but it is a fun game to play, but not my kids' favorite to build.
LEGO Robo Champ 3835 - For an inexpensive game, this provides a lot of fun and educational value. My kids have learned a lot about negotiation through the "create your own rules" version of this game.
LEGO Games Atlantis Treasure 3851 - This is great for hardcore LEGO builders, like my son. It has a lot of pieces and is a fun extension of the LEGO Atlantis sets.
LEGO PIRATES Tic Tac Toe 90 Pieces Board Game 6+ 852750 - I was unsure why we needed a board game to play tic-tac-toe. However, the LEGO PIrates mini-figures are very cute. The kids get use out of the figures even when we're not using the game.
LEGO World Explorer DVD Game - The board is very simple, but the unique educational aspect of this game is the trivia, which encourages kids to think about spatial issues and basic match. This is a great gift idea for a LEGO fan who enjoys math!
LEGO Lava Dragon Game 3838 - This is fun for my son, who wants to be a brave LEGO knight. The objective of the game is to avoid the lava and opponents' attempts to block your figure as you try to scale the volcano.
Lego Games Ramses Pyramid 3843 - My kids have a great time building this game, but playing it is a bit monotonous. I have to say that this game is probably our least favorite of this year's LEGO games.
One of our family's favorite LEGO games, LEGO Creator, is not on this list. That's because it's unfortunately out of print and being sold for collector's prices on eBay and Amazon.
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