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Lego Harry Potter Hagrid's Hut Review 2010 - Hagrid's Hut by Lego Review

When LEGO announced they were revisiting the Harry Potter license in 2010, we were all eagerly guessing which sets LEGO would decided to make. One of the most anticipated sets (along side the burrow) is LEGO Harry Potter Hagrid's Hut where Harry, Ron and Hermione always go to at one (and either end up uneventful or usually lead into trouble) point in all the books and films! And if I say so myself I feel LEGO have done it justice. Just like the other LEGO sets the minifigures are one of the most noticeable features and in this set you get Harry, Ron, Hermione and Hagrid LEGO figures. The figures themselves have had every attention to detail paid to them even looking up close you can see that no details has been spared. Ron is trying to get rid of Crookshanks while Hermione looks set to take on a challenge.
The Hagrid minifigure is very cool they have caught exactly that Hagrid is friendly yet can be dangerous, plus LEGO Hagrid just looks like Hagrid (just not as big) with the big beard, hair and outfit your imagination can run wild when re-creating some of the most famous scenes from the movies and books. Along side these figures you also receive Aragog who is Hagrid's pet spider, a mouse, two owls and three spiders and even a light-up brick that makes Hagrid's fire burn.
Reasons why LEGO Harry Potter Hagrid's Hut is one of My Favourite LEGO sets:
  • You get the new minifigures which have had every detail paid to them
  • Hagrid's Hut is mentioned in nearly all of the books and movies making it one of the most popular places to be!
  • It comes with Aragog and other fantastic creatures so you can recreate scenes
  • The hut itself is not too big but has all the features you would expect to see from a Harry Potter toy.
The hut itself is a miniature version of Hagrid's hut and although not quite correct to the one in the movies LEGO have managed to portray exactly what his hut would have inside and outside without it looking like Hagrid has stomped all over it. This LEGO Harry Potter Hagrid's hut Hermione is visiting Hagrid's Hut to comfort him over the loss of Buckbeak but does the day go to plan?. When you open the hut up to see inside you will see a fire, kitchens and many other things you would expect in a half giants home- but if you open the door in the wardrobe, watch out for the hidden spider! Look behind the fireplace and discover a secret room where you and friends can use your imagination to help Harry Potter and his friends take on whatever lurks behind.
Overall this is a set that fans of the films and books will appreciate while those who love LEGO will love it!. I would recommend you buy this set as we all know it will be a popular boys toy for christmas 2010 and will sell out fast.
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