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LEGO Master Builder Academy Review - Christmas For Kids

Massive LEGO creations
Have you seen huge LEGO structures in theme parks? Have you seen one displayed in a nearby store? You might have seen them at least once and have been amazed at how these LEGO sculptures were created.
Thinking of how they put up the brick structure from LEGO pieces may have dumbfounded you. If you or your kid is a fan of LEGO, you may have attempted to recreate the big LEGO displays that you have seen in malls, in special events or in theme parks.
And attempting to do so will really give you the realization that it really is no easy task and it just increases your amazement on how the builders of these creations can do these.
These brick sculptures are built by LEGO Master Builders who also designs the LEGO sets and models that we see are available for purchase everywhere.
You can say that they are really experts at these things as they can create new designs that will eventually become bestsellers and also create these massive brick structures that are really amazing.
Master Builder Academy
Now anybody, kids and adults alike, has the chance to become master builders. LEGO has created the LEGO MBA or the Master Builder Academy.
The Master Builder Academy is a series of LEGO kits that will teach you building skills. In these kits you will find The LEGO Master Builders themselves sharing their tips and techniques.
This is the first time that the public get to hear from the LEGO experts and get to know the skills one needs to have on how to build great brick structures and get to build cool LEGO models.
The kits will also teach you how to make your LEGO creations more sturdy and stable. With this knowledge your building skills will be taken to the next level. Gone are the days of just building simple LEGO models out of the box. You will get tips and tricks on how to create cool models.
LEGO Master Builder Academy Space Designer - Kit 1
The first Kit to be released is the Space Designer kit which will teach you the building skills of sideways building and locking. It also has building instructions for three new spaceship models. These building instructions are unlike the usual instructions you will find in a normal LEGO set.
The 84-page Designer Handbook that come with the LEGO MBA Kit 1 gives instructions that are more detailed with images and text. All instructions and techniques within LEGO Master builders are actually created by the Master Builders themselves, in their own words. You will also find close up pictures that will guide you more in your building.
Plus there is a section in the instruction kit where the LEGO Master Builders are introduced and they give out advices on how to create your own models. There is even a guide on how to sketch a concept for your own models and there is a sample of an official LEGO brick paper that you can use in designing your own models.
Other items included in the kit are: 1 brick storage box, 1 sorting tray, 1 brick separator, 1 LEGO MBA Level 1 minifigure which includes a buildable jetpack, helmet and goggles.
And finally, if you want more details of the Lego MBA sets including images and videos then you should visit Master Builder Academy
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