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Lego Monster 4 Review

Do you have a liking for monsters? If you do then maybe you can check out this Lego Monster 4 Review which is about a Lego game which setting is in the graveyard. Though this game is suitable for kids, I would still think that younger kids should not be trying out this game because of its more scary element. Do not want your kids getting nightmares right? But anyways kids these days love scary stuff not to forget Halloween and things like Casper the friendly ghost so I would guess kids these days do not get scared that easily. Anyways if you have played connect 4, it would be easy for you to pick up monster 4 as well. Oh yes and I forgot to mention that when you play the Lego board games you get to make your own rules and also build your own board games. In addition you get a special Lego die which you also get to build and customize yourself. So everything is more like DIY or do it yourself and Lego is just providing you with the bricks and ideas and the rest is up to you.
There are also other cool Lego games which are released and this includes the pirate code Lego game which is also another cool game. This concept of this game is taken from the mastermind game. So if you have either played the mastermind game or the connect 4 game and you loved them, why not try out the Lego monster 4 game or the Lego pirate code game which will offer you with more customizable options to have fun! Create more rules or do away with some rules the choice is up to you. No matter what, I promise you loads of fun from the Lego makers at Denmark! Try out these games now!
Hope that you have enjoyed my short write-up on the Lego Monster 4 game as well as the Lego Pirate Code game. If you ask me to choose only one game to buy, it would be too much of a difficult choice. I know Christmas is coming and everybody is scrambling to buy toys. Well I have just given you two good recommendations. Check out both of these cool Lego games!

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