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The Lego Star Wars Death Star II - The Ultimate Lego Battle Station

The LEGO Star Wars Death Star II is a great representation of the second Death Star that was seen in the third Star Wars Movie Installment- Return Of The Jedi. It was stationed just off of the atmosphere of Endor where it was being reconstructed from being destroyed after the massive offensive attack from the Rebel Alliance. Like wise, the LEGO version of the Death Star II is built to represent the same reconstructive state.
The box that the LEGO Death Star comes in weighs over 17 lbs. and consist of 3,417 pieces. This isn't your typical LEGO set that I grew up with when I was young. This set is designed for serious LEGO enthusiast who have a knack for a serious LEGO challenge. Many people report taking up to 3 solid weeks of construction building it and that's at a fast pace. I wouldn't recommend getting this LEGO set if you don't have any experience building LEGO's. It's fun but takes time to construct so be sure to pace yourself because many people report having some stumbling blocks along the way.
The cost of the Death Star II ranges from $250-$450 depending on where you get it from and the availability. If you are planning on getting the LEGO death Star II for yourself or someone who you feel is deserving enough for one, then be sure to check out my site for the best price on one because I know where to find one at the lowest price and you can only get one by purchasing it online.
Whether your an admiring Star Wars buff, a LEGO enthusiast, or someone somewhere in between then I highly recommend picking one of these up. I bought one for my cousin about 1 week ago and you'd be surprised at how big this thing is. Be sure to organize your pieces because at over 3,400 pieces to contend with, you better be sure you cover all the organization bases.
This classic LEGO set is the perfect addition to any LEGO universe and would make an excellent gift for anyone brave enough to take on the ultimate Planetary Destroyer. So go ahead and take the LEGO Star Wars Death Star II challenge. I dare you to finish it in one piece.
Laura Timberlake has been writing and reviewing children toys for 3 years now and regularly writes on several other related topics as well. If you would like more information regarding this toy and the best place to purchase one, than please visit here: ----> LEGO Death Star

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