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LEGO Star Wars

The LEGO Group has thus far released a series of LEGO Star Wars sets for each of the Star wars films.  These LEGO systems do a great job of being renditions of scenes from the actual movies by utilizing the vehicles and characters.  LEGO takes its very popular building block toy and uses them to bring to life our favorite film, Star Wars.
These LEGO Star Wars systems are by far the LEGO Group's most popular theme and are loved by LEGO fans and Star Wars fans alike.  This demand has created some very rare Star Wars LEGO sets that can be very valuable.
The Phantom Menace LEGO Sets
The Phantom Menace LEGO series is based on the first prequel released for the Star Wars series of films.  This film dives into the origins of Luke Skywalker's heritage and the characters and stories of that era.
A more interesting LEGO set of this series is the Mos Espa Podrace.  This set features ten Star Wars LEGO mini figures including Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala.  Since this set is discontinued it is highly valued by collectors and fetches much more than what the original manufacturer's suggested retail price was.  The Mos Espa Pod Race is definitely a favorite among Star Wars LEGO collectors.
Attack Of The Clones LEGO Sets
The Attack of the Clones film is the second in the series of prequels released by LucasFilms.  The LEGO Group did not make very many sets for this film when compared to the amount of sets made for the other films however these sets do not disappoint.  It could be argued that each of the LEGO Star Wars sets made for this film is a must have for collectors.
In particular, the Attack of the Clones LEGO sets includes the hard to find Jango Fett's Slave I.  The LEGO set is a favorite amongst fans and has been discontinued for quite some time making it a very high demand set.  The included mini figure is the very rare Jango Fett himself.  The Jango Fett's Slave I LEGO Set is the only LEGO set to include the Jango Fett lego mini figure.
Revenge Of The Sith LEGO Sets
The Revenge of the Sith film is the third in the installment of Star Wars prequel movies.  The LEGO Group created a lot of LEGO sets for the Revenge of the Sith film with many being very good.
The Darth Vader Transformation is one Star Wars LEGO set that is based on the Revenge of the Sith movie.  This is a unique set and very playable even though it is pretty small.  It includes a damaged Anakin Skywalker LEGO mini figure and a Darth Vader mini figure that does not have a cape.  This is a representation of Anakin Skywalker being transformed to Darth Vader.
A New Hope
Star Wars: A New Hope is the original Star Wars film and was initially released as just Star Wars.  This film is the classic, the base of the Star Wars movement and as much a significant film as any.  The LEGO Group has created a series of LEGO sets based on A New Hope.
Probably the most significant of the Star Wars LEGO sets released for A New Hope are the three Millennium Falcon sets.  One of these LEGO sets is actually built to mini figure scale and is the largest LEGO Set to date totalling over five thousand pieces of LEGO bricks.  The two other Millennium Falcon LEGO sets are much smaller, one being to small to fit a mini figure.
The Empire Strikes Back
The Empire Strikes Back is the fourth film in the lineage of the Star Wars films but it is actually the second film that was made by LucasFilms.  It is very much a classic in film lore and a very successful sequel.
The LEGO Group created many sets for the Empire Strikes Back including the first version of the Slave I starship for Boba Fett.  There is also a second version of the Slave I starship, the Slave I 6209, which is a much better build with a few more mini figures and much more detailed.  The Empire Strikes Back LEGO series has a good selection of LEGO systems including the Cloud City 10123 set and the TIE Bomber.
Return of the Jedi
The Return of the Jedi is the final installment in the series of Starwars films but was only the third film made by LucasFilms.  This is the last film and very much a classic.
The LEGO Group has included many Starwars LEGO mini figures that are fairly rare in the Return of the Jedi series of LEGO systems.  Jabba the Hutt is a good example of this.  The Jabba series of LEGO sets included with the Return of the Jedi system of LEGO bricks is the best part of this system.  Jabba's Message, Jabba's Palace, Jabba's Prize, these are all excellent LEGO Star Wars sets and a great compliment to any collection.
The Clone Wars
The Clone Wars film is the latest Starwars film and is unique in that it is completely animated.  The LEGO Group has done an amazing job of creating a LEGO system that does a great job of representing the Clone Wars movie.
The LEGO Clone Wars system is based on the Clone Wars film and it shows.  The mini figures included in this series have a very animated look to them, similar to the Clone Wars film.  This LEGo series includes the Pirate Tank 7753 LEGO Set.  The Pirate Tank set is as unique a set as there is because the Pirates from the Clone Wars film are not seen in any of the other Starwars movies.
Expanded Universe
The Expanded Universe LEGO Sets include just a few LEGO Sets.  These are the TIE Crawler, which includes two shadow Troopers, the Rogue Shadow, which includes Darth Vader and Juno Eclipse, and the Imperial Speeder Bike, which includes one Stormtrooper.
Pedro has big fun collecting LEGO Star Wars Sets and is a huge fan of the Clone Wars LEGO sets.

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