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New Toy Story Lego Sets Featured in January 2010

Leave it to LEGO to come up with the most brilliant and exciting new themes for their much-loved and treasured LEGO sets. Both LEGO and Disney are joining together to make Toy Story LEGO sets that are to be released in January 2010. It's the new anticipated movie of Toy Story 3 that has given LEGO its inspiration to make these Toy Story themed sets.
LEGO is set to release 6 new sets in January, all centered around different characters and themes from the Toy Story movies. Expect to see all of your favorite Toy Story friends including the famous Buzz and Woody, Jessie and Stinky Pete, and the Army Men and Little Green Men. Fans anxiously await the January 1st release date, as many of these figurines have been showcased at the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con.
These Toy Story 3 sets reach out to the ages of 6-12 or 7-14, depending on the size and difficulty of the LEGO sets. The most anticipated set is Woody's Roundup (7594), which focuses on bringing Woody's TV show to life for LEGO builders. Woody's Roundup set comes with 4 figurines, including Woody, Jessie, Bullseye, and The Prospector, along with all the pieces needed to build the sheriff's office and jail.
For Buzz Lightyear fans, the LEGO choices are plentiful. Buyers can choose the Construct-A-Buzz (7592) which allows them to build a detailed Buzz Lightyear at a larger scale size, equipped with all his gadgets and gear. Or, fans can build the famous Star Command Ship that has been featured in the Toy Story movies with Buzz's Star Command Ship set (7593).
Also highly anticipated is the Woody and Buzz Rescue LEGO Set (7590), which features both characters when they ride on an RC car in the closing scene of the hit movie. What makes this set stand out from the rest is the motor action feature that allows the RC to be motor-powered and ride along the floors of your home.
For those that enjoy the ever-popular Army Men, the Army Men on Patrol LEGO Set (7595) comes with all you need to reenact a fight scene. This set features different soldiers, such as the army radio soldier or the army medical soldier. To complete the set, the Army Men can hop onto their jeep and ride away.
Finally, for those that enjoy the Construct-A-Buzz set, the Construct-A-Zurg LEGO Set (7591) is the perfect addition. Construct-A-Zurg is also built to a larger scale and is made to fight Buzz Lightyear with his large blaster weapon.
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