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Amazing Lego Birthday Party Ideas

It's Building Time! Lego birthday party theme is definitely one of the popular themes you can throw for your kid's birthday party. Many kids are obsessed playing Lego bricks and to have lots of kids hanging out for the party, they will simply love it. Simply let your kids build his own empire with Lego bricks. You name it, Skyrocket tower, houses, monster, airplane, car and more! They simply loves building it. And all other kids who don't even know what Lego all about, they will simply start to fell in love with it. Because, it is so popular that it's no longer just a collection of toys but also it has become part of kid's life.
Check out some lists of useful resources that I have gathered below and customize them to each of your preference.
Lego Birthday Party Invitation
  1. Fold an A4 size color paper and get one small cardboard. Using pencil, draw a mini circle (about 2 to 3inch in diameter) on the cardboard and cut them out using scissor. Make six of them. Next, color the circle so that the color matches your color paper. Paste them in rows of three on the cover page of your color paper so that it looks like a Lego brick. Tagged your kid photo and attaching it at one corner of the cover page.Write down your invitation content on the card inside.
  2. You can use card stock, blank color paper, ribbon, few pictures of Lego bricks including Lego Tower, airplane and more, to decorate and design your invitation. Your card design can be in the shape of Lego Tower or even Lego Man. The background of your card can be decorated in such a way that it look like a Lego Wall. To do this, draw out few identical rectangular on different set of color paper and cut them out. Paste them on the plain card stock to simulate Lego wall. Take another piece of paper (smaller than the first one) and paste it over the first card at the center. Decorate it and write your ideal invitation content.
Lego Birthday Party Decoration
  1. Filled your house with colorful balloon decoration. It can be hang on the ceiling, window or even at your house gate. On the ground, filled some space of your party area with lots of colorful balloon. One characteristic of Lego party is symbol of many color. You can also add mini color balls that the kids usually loves to play on a tent, indoor. This is well suited for toddler who came by for your party.
  2. Hang some bright party streamer across the wall. You can also customize it with balloon, Lego stickers and also handmade Lego paper bricks.
  3. Set one corner full of Lego bricks and toys for the kids to play for the party.This is the most important decoration and fun ideas for kids to play later on.
  4. Decorate the side of your table with some homemade Lego brick using color paper, Styrofoam and cardboard.
Lego Birthday Party Games and Activities
Build Lego Tower: Get the kids started with building their own tower and houses as part of your Lego birthday party activity!
Make a parachute with Lego Man: Give each player a long string, small plastic bag and Lego Man. Guide them on how to do it through your instructional card. Once everyone done, get everyone to try and parachute the Lego Man together. Give everyone the Lego Man as a token of gift for participating. This is definitely another exciting activities you can do together with kids.

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