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Christmas Gifts For Lego Fans (When You Don't Want To Buy More Lego)

Lego is an amazing toy that helps kids learn about spatial relationships, building and a whole slew of other educational areas. It is also wonderful for parents to share with their children and is a great way to de-stress.
However there does come a point in every Lego collector's life when there is simply too much Lego. Every cupboard in the house ends up being crammed with Lego until it starts seeping out of the walls and carpets, ending up in the strangest of places.
So if you are looking to purchase a Lego gift for the Lego fan in your life but don't actually want to contribute to the existing pile of plastic goodness then there are other options.
First and foremost would have to be the books. In the past few years Lego and their affiliates have put out a number of amazing books. The most essential to a Lego fan would probably be the two volume hardcover set entitled The LEGO Book by Daniel Lipkowitz. A rich source of information and inspiration this two volume slipcase set is the one of the best Lego releases of the last 5 years.
Other books that would make great gifts include Lego Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary, The Unofficial LEGO Builder's Guide by Allan Bedford and for younger fans, the various Brickmaster volumes.
Brickmaster is the official magazine of the Lego group but they have also come out with a series of Lego Instruction/Ideas/Pieces Kits for Lego Star Wars, Pirates, Castles and Atlantis themes. The Brickmaster books each contain 48 pages of instructions for models that can be created by using the accompanying 140 pieces.
If books aren't your thing, then try clothes instead. There are a range of Lego T Shirts in a variety of sizes, for girls, boys and adults. Star Wars Lego T Shirts seem to be the most popular but there are other variations as well. Wearing a Lego T Shirt is a way for Lego fans to share their love of the Brick with the world. has a range of other goodies, including cake moulds, ice cube trays, clocks, watches, stationary and just about anything else you can imagine. So if you are looking for a great gift for Lego fans but don't want to buy bricks then there are other options to make the Lego fan in your life smile.
Inger is a parent with a passion for toys that educate, entertain and last for years. Her website, The Brick Life is a site about Lego for parents and includes articles on areas such as Lego City sets and Lego Storage Ideas.

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