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LEGO Space Shuttle - A Terrific Part Of LEGO City

The LEGO Space Shuttle 3367 is a very fascinating element of LEGO City. In case you aren't familiar with LEGO City, it's a building collection design which initially came out in the late seventies. In that first launch, the very first minifigures were produced as well. In addition, at that time, it had been called LEGO Town.
LEGO City sets are based on city life, with the units depicting city and emergency situation providers, air terminals, construction as well as civilian services.
Ever since the late seventies, LEGO has introduced a few various city-based models using the names "LEGOLAND Town," "Town Junior" plus "World City" until the recent version was started in 2005.
In 2005 was in fact when the latest "LEGO City" was introduced with the release of the first set, Airport. This is essentially a reissue of the early 90's airport collection Century Skyway, with just a small number of variations.
Ever since its introduction, LEGO has launched unique subthemes under the "LEGO City" banner which were utilized to be able to link together related models, for example Police, Fire, Trains, Coast Guard, Farm, Vehicles and also Building.
LEGO City's newest style under this banner is called the Space Center. This particular set contains the LEGO space shuttle, space center, space station, space buggy, satellites and other space related models.
The LEGO Space Shuttle is modeled after the Space Shuttle Discovery and is also probably the most reasonably priced sets in the collection. What is very great about the set is it comes with one minifigure astronaut, features opening freight doors as well as a robotic arm which can release the included Hubble Telescope into orbit.
I built this set with my child, and it was a relatively simple set to make. He will be 6 years old and we had a great time building it with each other. The LEGO Space Shuttle set is made up of 231 pieces and it is excellent for kids aged 5-8.
Together with his LEGO Space Shuttle, he's got quite a bit of the LEGO City models. We have them set up in the basement using a large stand in order that he is able to have fun playing for hours at a time using his imagination.
Yet another great point about the LEGO Space Shuttle is it is very sturdy. I am finding with a great deal of the LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Harry Potter models that they can break fairly quickly. Not the LEGO Space Shuttle however. It has moved through the Earth's atmosphere a lot of times and it made it through re-entry without losing any pieces!
On the whole, the LEGO Space Shuttle is a wonderful accessory to our LEGO City collection. It has produced countless hours of adventure and creative imagination and our son (and me too!) really enjoy using it! The price is affordable and you also really feel as if you get your money's worth because it does not fall apart any time he plays with it.
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