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Are Springless Trampolines Durable?

According to most quality assurance data from springless trampoline companies they torture test their products to the extreme in order to determine its durability. Their conclusion was that the average outdoor 10 - 12 feet springfree trampoline would last for about 5 to 8 years under any kind of weather condition, 3.65 million times of bouncing pressure on the bounce mat, and several vibration tests on the steel frame as well as the coiled springs. The series of tests allowed manufacturers to develop a benchmark springless trampoline where all production lines will adhere to in terms of quality. Some of the tests include:

Pounding machine that simulates the average weight of a human being to determine the maximum elasticity of the bounce mat and tear limit ratio.

Heat and cold tests in order to simulate extreme weather conditions that the materials will be subjected to in the real world.

Moisture test to simulate the effects of heavy rainfall on the waterproof materials.

Tension and compression tests on the coiled springs in order to evaluate the length in centimeters (cm) and millimeters (mm) that the springs have lengthen after the tests. This will tell the quality assurance engineers whether or not a certain coiled springs passed or failed the test results, although ideally they expect the springs not to lengthen even after severe tests.

Vibration tests on the entire steel frame in order to determine how well welded the parts are as well as the durability of the screws attached to other parts.

Safety enclosures durability and elasticity tests to understand the maximum weight and linear force it would take to tear through the elastic enclosure nets.

You can be sure that the product you purchased comes with a high quality standard for safety first and foremost as well as durability. Unfortunately, the other cause of injury are faulty products, but the springless trampoline should be exempted because it is a stationary device and it does not interact with other objects like a fast moving car or other objects that carry kinetic energy with them. All kinetic and potential energies that are transferred to the springless trampoline are automatically cancelled because of the elasticity of the bounce mat and the entire contraption is anchored firmly to the ground. Your child's safety has never been guaranteed this much by the manufacturers and indeed Dr. Alexander (the springless trampoline's creator) has contributed much to the world because of his insight.

As a child Kaz Young was inspired by the circus show when it came to their local town, but what captivated her was the circus clown playing funny tricks and aerobatic shows on the trampoline. She has been an enthusiast about the springless trampoline and other trampoline games and she's even made a website called The Springless Trampoline HQ.

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