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Have Fun and Develop Creativity With LEGO's Creationary Game

Creationary is a game from LEGO Games that is very flexible and fun to play. Unlike other games that have fixed rules, LEGO's Creationary has changeable rules that can be altered by the player. This game does not use regular dice; it uses a special and buildable LEGO Dice. With this game, players can be varied over a wide range of ages; you can uniquely adjust the game for the different difficulty levels of Easy, Medium and Hard. Players of LEGO's Creationary can play by taking turns rolling the dice and choose one category of things to construct. There are four categories of things that you can make: vehicles, buildings, nature objects, and other things. While you construct your own item, you are also challenged to guess which type of object the other players are trying to make.
LEGO's Creationary game is an interactive game that can be played by from three to eight players. It takes 30 to 60 minutes to play each game. You can play this game with your family and friends and improve your construction skills, guessing skills, imagination and creativity. Creationary from LEGO is aimed for children above 7 years of age. But most adults also find that this game is fun and even addictive. Be careful not to let children under three years old to handle the game parts, since LEGO's Creationary contains small parts that might be a choking hazard to small children.
The LEGO's Creationary game measures 17 x 2.6 x 10.7 inches and weighs 1.9 pounds. One LEGO's Creationary game consists of one buildable LEGO Dice, one LEGO minifigure, one LEGO microfigure, 96 cards with three difficulty levels, and a rule booklet. Within the box, you will also find 341 LEGO pieces of various shapes and colors and a tray for you to sort the pieces by color. It is not hard to play the Creationary from LEGO game. If you are familiar with regular LEGO construction, you will be able to play this game.
For added excitement, LEGO offers additional categories that can be purchased separately. The package is called the LEGO Games Creationary Boost Pack and it adds two new categories to the regular Creationary from LEGO game: toys and sports. Within the pack, you will find 20 new Creationary cards, 5 orange elements and 5 green elements. While regular Creationary from LEGO gives you an exciting challenge, these additions will enhance the thrill. This Booster Pack cannot be played separately, however. You can only use it as complementary part of the LEGO's Creationary game.
LEGO's Creationary Game is a fun game that combines construction skills, guessing skills, imagination and creativity. Find more exciting review about Creationary from LEGO from our links.

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