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History of the Lego Company

Lego is the toy building set of choice for children, and the young at heart, worldwide. Lego is a company in Denmark known for its colorful plastic bricks that interlock to build everything from buildings to space ships. To accompany the building bricks, other accessories are sometimes included, such as gears, wheels, and the ever-popular minifigures with interchangeable heads, hands, legs and torso. Everything made using Lego bricks can easily be taken apart and built again and again. Ever since they first debuted in 1940, the Lego Company has grown to become so massive that it now has several theme parks and video games to just name a couple.
With beginnings vastly different from those of other toys, Legos have always been unique. The original concept was born by Ole Kirk Christiansen, a Danish carpenter, who made houses and furniture. It can be said that those were the very inspirations for Lego bricks.
Because of the Great Depression, Christiansen was forced to create miniature products that acted as design aids. Those were the very first Lego bricks that eventually inspired him to go into toy making. He manufactured other toys first, such as wooden piggy banks and yoyos. Eventually, he named his company Lego, an amalgamation of the Danish words leg and godt that meant 'play well'. When plastic became widely used, He was inspired by the company Kiddicraft to make his own interlocking bricks. He then began building Legos and selling his new products, which would eventually take the world by storm.
The toys building sets have become a worldwide phenomenon. Almost everyone today, including adults, have played with Legos at least once in their lives. Lego building competitions are held annually. There are also many Lego theme parks that showcase life-sized Lego structures. A reason as to why Lego has so much appeal is that practically anything can be made from them, as shown in theme parks that have Lego versions of St. Paul's Cathedral and the Chrysler building, two very big, well known structures. The very first big Lego creation was a train station, and the progress from big to giant can be clearly seen today.
In order to further boost the profitability of their product, the company has signed agreements with several popular franchises. The very first franchise to be joined was Star Wars. To this day it is Lego's most well known and most profitable partner. Lego Star Wars has huge appeal, because fans love building their own Star Wars vehicles and re-enacting scenes using characters such as Star Wars Luke Skywalker and Star Wars Darth Vader. You are even able to include their own Jedi wars and build such famous pieces as the Star Wars destroyer space ship using Lego building bricks.
The popularity of these delightful and creative toy sets hasn't waned in any way. Fans continue to purchase them for themselves and as enjoyable and creative gifts for the children in their life. A child's eyes light up when they see their first Lego building set!

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