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LEGO Minotaurus Review

A new and imaginative method to have fun with board games has arrived. The manufacturers of LEGO have introduced a brand new type of board games that mixes the fun of creating with LEGO bricks with the thrill of a board game.
LEGO Minotaurus is something new from LEGO, it's a LEGO game that needs to be first made and after that played. This is designed for children seven to twelve years of age and for 2 to 4 people. The enjoyment will start by making the labyrinth playing board using the LEGO pieces supplied.
Assembly instructions are included and there are various construction alternatives to pick from. The objective of the game will be to reach the secret temple, that's safeguarded by the Minotaur, prior to your challenger. As the knights navigate around the LEGO board the Minotaur attacks, dispatching the knights back to their start. Block the Minotaur and also other knights by way of shifting and adding to the walls in the maze with your LEGO pieces. Shift the Minotaur to deliver the other guy back to their beginning.
LEGO Minotaurus requires plenty of skill with strategies to stay away from the Minotaur and get to the temple without having to be returned to the start, and by switching the labyrinth walls to block the other guy, without blocking yourself inside. Be the first Knight in the temple to be victorious in the game. And then try once again by rearranging the labyrinth, the included instructions present a variety of ways to play.
The Minotaur game contains further construction directions which allows for a number of mazes, making the fun last even longer. Along with many ways to build the board you will find multiple rules allowing for many different skill sets. From the more youthful novice gamer to the more experienced game player, ensuring no-one becomes tired of this fast paced game.
Out of the carton, LEGO Minotaurus includes one buildable LEGO dice, a single guideline book, one construction recommendations booklet, twelve LEGO micro-figures, one LEGO game board and 224 LEGO parts.
LEGO Minotaurus assures hours of entertainment for any child that wants to build with LEGO bricks and engage in exhilarating games that require a bit of strategy. Overall play period will be somewhere between 20 and 30 minutes, its swift tempo is perfect for children, giving hours of enjoyment for the entire family. For younger kids that grow to be unhappy with getting repeatedly delivered back to the start, the guidelines can be customized to restrict restarts to two to three instances maximum in each game, this helps to diminish frustration.
What is terrific about this game is that it could be played numerous ways, simplify it in support of youngsters, and expand the problems for teens. LEGO Minotaurus [] is undoubtedly an exciting and interactive game for the whole family.
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