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Lego City Calendar 2010 - Should I Get The Lego City Advent Calendar For The Holidays?

The Lego Company has provided the world with building block fun since 1932, which means that it is the same age as your grandparents may be now. Your grandparents many even have played with these blocks as children just as your children are playing with their own Lego sets today. Anyways, the latest incarnation of the Lego building blocks is the newly-released (August 2010) Lego City Calendar 2010.
It is the fifth edition of the popular advent calendar started in 2005 with each set containing varying amounts of elements and figurines. The 2010 edition has the most number of elements (271) but the least number of figurines (6).
Still, if you are a collector of the Lego City Advent Calendars from many issues ago as well as other Lego City sets like the City Center and the World Center, you will find that the number of elements and sets do not matter as much as a non-collector will think. After all, your other Lego pieces can be interchanged with the pieces from the Lego Advent calendars.
There is an upside to such interchangeability with Lego calendars. On one hand, you are building up a respectable collection of Lego pieces that can be used to create real and fantasy worlds with all the pieces coming together. It will look as if the whole set-up was designed to be that way.
On the other hand, you will find that the pieces of the Lego City Advent Calendar 2010 are not exactly all Christmas-related. Sure, your Christmas mood will be reflected with pieces like a Santa figurine, a Christmas tree and a sled, to name a few holiday accessories, but that's just what these pieces are - just a few compared to the more numerous non-holiday items found in other Lego sets. But if you can overlook this small oversight, then the Advent Calendar is a god addition to a toy collection.
Or you may also do as other customers have done - make the pieces into holiday decorations! Suggestions like hanging the figurines and elements on the Christmas tree have been put forth. Add the other pieces from the Lego sets of yesteryears and you have a colorful Lego-themed Christmas tree.
Like its predecessors, the Lego City Advent Calendar 2010 edition also comes with 24 windows. Or doors, if that's how your family calls them - same difference. Each door should be opened starting on December 1 with the last one on December 24, which is in keeping with its main purpose of counting down to Christmas Day. Behind each window is a mini-toy for the kids and kids at heart.
The prices on the set vary from one retailer to the next with an average price ranging from $30 to $35 exclusive of shipping and handling fees. Of course, you can find sets with significantly lower prices but that would only be after Christmas. Then again, that would defeat the purpose of the Advent calendar, not to mention that the price is well worth it considering the number of years when the toys can be used.
So, is the Lego City Calendar 2010 a good purchase? Yes, undoubtedly.
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