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Novel Theme Ideas for Kids Parties - How About Lego?

Lego has been around for many, many years. In fact, most parents have grown up with Lego and are now enjoying sharing this very simple and fun toy with their kids. Many kids (and parents if we are honest!) absolutely love Lego. So why not have a Lego themed birthday party? Along with the comprehensive range of Lego themed party ware available, I've put together a few easy to make, simple and inexpensive ideas to complement a Lego themed birthday party.
Lego Decoration Ideas - Here are a few Lego decoration ideas that can really create a special party:
Lego Pieces
Using a shoebox, paper cups or egg cartons and wrapping paper you can create your own Lego pieces. Simply take the shoebox and attach the egg cartons or paper cups than spray paint the whole piece. Do a variety of colors and sizes to get a really cool Lego effect!
Decorate with Lego
Obviously, a very easy way to decorate the room is to create cool and creative Lego designs to place in the room. Be aware though that the kids WILL touch them and play with them unless you put them in a spot where it's un-reachable. But allowing the kids to play with Lego at a Lego birthday party is half the fun!
Lego Birthday Cake
The birthday cake at any kids party is one of the main highlights and this has to be no different with a Lego themed birthday party. It's a simple fact that kids love cake and coming up with a cool Lego birthday cake will have them bouncing in their chairs! An easy and inexpensive way to do this is to use a Lego cake tin.
Lego Cupcakes
There is a wide variety of cupcake toppers and cupcakes - Why not make your own cupcakes and decorate your cakes with these fun cake toppers. Just stick them into individual slices or fairy cakes. Make them into a cupcake tower to provide a modern birthday cake with a twist!
Lego Party Game
Duplicate an object - Provide the children with a set amount of Lego pieces. Then provide a picture of an object that the kids must create (building, car, train, etc...). Tell them that they have 5 minutes to try and recreate the object. They'll have a great time showing off their creations.
Another idea I've found to be very popular is a Lego themed party bag. From experience from my own childrens' parties, I've found that the kids seem to prefer bags with one or two good quality presents in, rather than a bag stuffed full of things that will be used once, then dumped (usually somewhere around your house!). To that end I've put together a comprehensive range of partybags and partybag fillers to suit both sexes and all ages.
I am a mother to twins, so I know how frustrating and time consuming it can be in trying to locate a complete product range for a certain themed party for your little one, whilst balancing the pressures of work and family life. To this end I have set up partybits2go with aim of providing a one stop shop for all your childrens party requirements.

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