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What's So Special About Harry Potter Lego Sets?

Lego has been part of popular culture for more than half a century. Although it was born in Denmark in 1932 and got its name in 1934, the little plastic locking blocks did not come into existence until 1951. Since that time, there have been improvements and additions to Lego's games and the famous little locking blocks.
Since 1969, Lego has entered the magical world of robotic models and little mobile people. It progressed through Star Wars to Ninjas and now to Harry Potter. Beginning with the first Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, in 2001, Lego jumped on the bandwagon and began releasing Harry Potter Lego sets for a total of 14 sets related to the first movie.
Anyone who is into Lego and Harry Potter knows all the Harry Potter Lego and when the next Harry Potter Lego set or piece is going to be released. What is interested and intriguing about the concept of a marriage between Harry Potter and Lego is that in years to come, Harry Potter Lego will likely become a collector's item.
And why not? A Harry Potter Sorting Hat Lego set is a already treasure and it has only been out since 2001. It was one of the first Lego items to be released and let's face it, without the sorting hat, what fun is there? The set is small but imagine saving your pristine set today and selling it fifty years from now for a small fortune to people who remember the magic of Harry Potter.
There are already vintage Lego sites harking back to the good old days of Lego supplementary sets that first appeared in 1956. Actually, and this is hard to wrap one's mind around, there are vintage Lego sets being sold now that were new in the early 1990s. The beauty of childhood is that time moves so slowly that 15 years does seem like enough time for a toy to slip into vintagehood.
What could be better than layer upon layer of nostalgia? People who are grandparents today are buying Lego for their grandchildren because they recognize a name that meant something to them when they were kids.
This is a marketing ploy, when you come to think about it, that is nothing short of wizardry itself. Maybe Grandmother is not quite sure who Harry Potter is but she sure knows Lego. She buys Lego because she remembers it way back when and the grandchild gets Lego because the child knows who Harry Potter is even if the child has never heard of Lego. So the legacy of one childhood is passed on to another generation and then another.
The magic and mystery of toys and their eternal appeal is something Harry Potter would understand.
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