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Halo LEGO's

Although the LEGO Group does not endorse Halo, these models are very much thriving in the LEGO world amongst LEGO's fans and Halo fans. Halo LEGO's enjoy a growing fan base of LEGO builders and are ever evolving.
One of the easiest ways to enjoy Halo LEGO collecting is by taking your old Space minifigs and doing some custom work with them to get them to look like Master Chief, or any other character. There are many instances of these LEGO creations on eBay for sale via auctions. eBay is a great place to find Halo LEGO's or any other custom LEGO's as there are many skilled LEGO builders who use eBay as a medium with which to ply their trade.
Another route to go for getting your own Halo LEGO sets is to build your own! There are resources online with detailed instructions for Halo builds that can guide you step by step to creating your own Halo themed LEGO Sets. YouTube has videos of builders using their own bricks from other themes to create custom Halo sets. There are also a few sites like Mocpages that have professional LEGO builders who love to share their creations with other LEGO enthusiasts.
It is a dream of many fans of the video game and LEGO fans that one day the LEGO Group will finally release licensed versions of Halo LEGO's but that will probably not happen. The LEGO Group has made it's stance on violence very clear and it would seem that the Halo series of x-box games goes just a bit to far with the first-person shooter thing.
Pedro loves to document custom LEGO sets and especially enjoys Star Wars LEGO's.

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