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Star Wars - The Clone Wars LEGO Sets

Star Wars LEGO Sets have taken over the LEGO world since their inception in 1999. There has never been a LEGO theme as popular as the Star Wars theme and this fact has everything to do with the films Lucas Films released in the 80's.
Recently a new film was released called Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The LEGO Group has released a system of building block sets around this film and has done an impressive job of it, even by LEGO standards. These LEGO sets are flying off the shelves thanks to the quality and thanks to the most unique LEGO mini figures to date.
The Clone Wars LEGO Sets have very quickly become many a fans LEGO of choice recently because of how well these sets are built and how much attention to detail they have. These sets are sure to be hard to find once they have been discontinued so it is a good idea for any collector to scoop this series of LEGO sets up now while they are still easy to come by. LEGO is known for releasing sets for a certain period of time and then discontinuing those sets.
My personal favorite Clone Wars LEGO set has to be the Pirate Tank. The Pirate Tank is the most unique of Clone Wars sets because the pirates are not of either the Separatists or of the Republic. This set also has some very unique mini figures with Hondo Ohnaka and Turk Falso. You will not find these mini figures with any other Clone Wars set.
It's definitely a good idea to scoop these sets up while they are still at normal LEGO value as they are sure to go up in price!
Pedro is a big fan of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars LEGOs theme and especially enjoys collecting Star Wars LEGO minifigs to add to his collection.

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