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What to Look For When Buying Bulk Legos Off eBay

The serious Lego maniac will always be searching for good deals to expand his collection of Legos. There are several options available for someone who is looking to buy bulk Legos. The most expensive route is going directly to the Lego store either online or at a physical location. You will find exactly what you need this way, but you will not get the best prices. To find the very best deals on bulk Legos you will probably have to find them online either through a forum website or an auction. Forums can be hit or miss as you make your want to buy post for used Legos. Probably the best play to buy used Legos in bulk is off of eBay. We want to take a look at the ins and outs of using eBay to find your bricks.
Using the largest online auction site can be a little confusing and tricky. You quite often only get a picture of a pile of Legos being offered and they really do not tell you in the description how many bricks there are or how the pile weighs. Because of this, it is really hard to know just how much to bid for these types of auctions. Know this that you are using eBay to buy your bulk Legos because you are can almost always get the very best deal here. It is not uncommon to pick up some used Legos here for one tenth of their original bran new price, and in decent condition. If you can get information on the weight, a good rule of thumb is not to bid more than five dollars per pound as this seems to be the going rate these days. Here are a few things to consider.
When dealing with a seller make sure that their overall feedback is greater than ninety five percent. I have found that a rating less than this can mean headaches later on in the deal. If you want to deal with a seller with a lower feedback rating then make sure you read about all of the negatives they may have. Just remember, Lego deals are always available on eBay so do not be in a hurry to make a bid with a seller that has a rating lower than you feel comfortable with.
If the weight is not given in the description see if you can email the seller and ask them to give you a weight of their offering. Generally, one pound of Legos will have about three hundred bricks in it. Make sure you ask the seller how they weighed the bricks, and to get an accurate reading. It can be frustrating to bid on ten pounds of bricks and find out later it was only three pounds.
Some sellers are not very knowledgeable about what makes up authentic bricks. A sure tip off to a knock off brand is if the bricks are in non standard colors like drab green, bright purple, or camo. Also look for sizes as a one hundred percent Lego brand brick will only be available in their standard sizing templates. Look too for any irregular shaped bricks, as these will be a sure sign of bricks that are not genuine.
Using these tips will help make sure you are successful with your eBay auction and you get the Lego bricks you were looking for.

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