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LEGO Minifigures

LEGO Minifigures have always been my favorite part of LEGO building.  Minifigures keep any LEGO set interesting from the time you unwrap it, to the building of the LEGO set to the point where you actually get so sit back and enjoy your creation.
LEGO Minifigures come in a variety of different themes with many kinds of accessories, facial expressions, and colors.  Sometimes Minifigures also have an animal, such as a horse, or a vehicle that they can ride in.  This makes for an even better interaction with your LEGO builds.
There are quite a few themes that include LEGO Minifigures.  Here we will list a few of the more popular minifigs available.
Popular LEGO Minifigs
Star Wars themed sets have some of the more popular LEGO Minifigures around.  The popularity of the Star Wars series of movies is enough to keep LEGO fans and Star Wars fans alike hording these LEGO minifigs.
The Pirate series is a classic example of the popularity LEGO Minifigures enjoys.  Pirate LEGO Sets were the first example of LEGO minifigs that had an expression other than a plain smile on the face of a minifig.
Harry Potter Minifigs enjoy popularity because of the series of Harry Potter books.  These minifigs allow fans of the popular series of books and fans of LEGO to collect and cherish the Harry Potter minifigs.
LEGO minifigures should continue to increase in popularity as time goes on.  LEGO has the annoying habit of discontinuing LEGO Sets as new ones are released and this causes for some minifigs to be more scarce than others.

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Pedro is a collector of LEGO Minifigures and, in particular, enjoys Star Wars LEGOs.

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